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Puzzles NEWS, 25th June 2014
I devised the 'Dart' investigation many years ago; it's stood the test of time.
It takes twenty minutes and assumes some knowledge of the game of darts.
Mathematically, it requires only simple addition and the ordering of numbers.
Yet it suggests that most people who play darts are using a completely wrong strategy.
This is the first time I've made 'Dart' available on-line (June 2014).


Prizes for Puzzles
Fame, glory and many trophies can be won by successful darts players


Maximise Your Score

To get as high a score as possible (on a quiz show like "Bullseye")
a top player would aim for the 20 sector, especially the triple 20 ring.
Many beginners copy the experts.
But is this the best strategy for a newcomer ?
Those who are less good than the professionals
are likely to miss what they are aiming for.
It is likely that they will miss the intended sector, their dart landing either side.

Lets investigate which is the best sector for a beginner to aim at.
( i )  Complete the table.
( ii )  Shade in the three highest scoring sectors red.
( iii )  Shade in the three lowest scoring sectors blue.
( iv )  How does aiming for the 20 sector rank ?
( iv )  Comment on your results and what they suggest
would be a good beginner's strategy.

Dart Table

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